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An Illustrated How-To Guide to High-Power Rocketry
By Mark Canepa
Photos below are from the September 2005 Freedom Launch at Orangeburg, South Carolina.
Todd Harring, Mike Scicchitano, Conner and David Deason, with Mark Canepa's M1419 Nike Smoke.
Brent Bierstadt with his great-looking BOMARC.
Kay Henderson of North Carolina with another one of her rockets.  Kay and husband Tom are Total Impulse Rocketry.
Mark Canepa with his 65-pound Nike Smoke.  The nike was powered by an Aerotech M1419 and reached nearly 6,000 feet.
Terry Baucon (left) and Todd Harring of ROCC prepare Terry's "Garfield Express" for flight.
Conner and David Deason's K1000 Skidmark at ignition.
Todd Harring's scratch-built upscale Estes Sprite ringtail on J275 power
Local flyer Danny Dempsey with "The Rude Dog."
Todd Harring's "Burt on a Hot Tin Roof."
The M1419 was lit by a Mike Scicchitano igniter.
Carl and Carlton McCormick with some of their rockets.
Dennis Weld of Florida (New Horizon Hobbies) prepares his Nimbus on J power
These great-looking scale rockets were built by (we're not sure) Brent Bierstadt.
Robert Wood and Jimmy Sculthorpe with a Nike Smoke and Iris.
Todd Harring tries for the third time on a J350!
Orangeburg flyer Gene Wells flew on Sunday and Monday