By Mark Canepa

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An Illustrated How-To Guide to High-Power Rocketry
This Second Edition of Modern High-Power Rocketry contains more than 800 black-and- white photographs and illustrations specifically created to introduce the model rocket enthusiast to the exciting world of high-power rocketry.  Completely rewritten, photographed, and designed, this book's 18 chapters and nearly 400 pages provides tips and simple advice on motor retention, ejection charges, the high-power launch and building your first Level One, Level Two and Level Three rockets.
Level One, Level Two, Level Three
It's All in Here!
For the novice, this book will show you how to avoid lawn darts and CATOs, core samples and zippers.  You will learn how to create a bullet-proof recovery system, and how to choose the correct motor and parachute for your rocket.

For more experienced rocketeers, Modern High-Power Rocketry 2 has several new chapters, including electronics and altimeter bay construction, Level Three certification, and building a Level Three rocket.  The book also contains helpful case histories and interviews from rocketeers all over the world who provide their insights on how to be successful in high-power rocketry.

From the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to Geneseo, New York; from Orangeburg, South Carolina to Argonia, Kansas; if you are a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association or the National Association of Rocketry, or you are just thinking about joining the exciting world of high-power rocketry, this is your one-stop information resource.
Favorite photos: Steve Mashburn's Titan IV
Favorite photos: CATOs, Skidmarks, Liftoffs
Favorite photos: Rick Boyette's Long March
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This page was last updated: January 20, 2009
Favorite photos: Oldham's 700-pound rocket
Favorite photos: 30-foot-tall Honest John launch
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"WOW! I'm overwhelmed by the quality of your new book. I see why it is so massive...  It is bursting at the seams with an incredible amount of useful information...It is definitely a "how to" vault of experienced builder's secrets."
--Tim Van Milligan, Apogee Rockets, Colorado.

"In my opinion, Modern High Power Rocketry 2 one day will be to high-power rocketry what G. Harry Stine's handbook is to model rocketry...Well done, Mark!"
--Tim Quigg, Extreme Rocketry magazine

"This book is so full of useful stuff that there is almost no need of any other information source!"
--Stefano Figini, Sierra Fox Hobbies, Italy

"This jam-packed with great info and can make everyone feel like an expert after reading it!  We suggest that any HPR flier have this book in their collection."
--Bruce Jones, Countdown Hobbies

"I gotta say this book is fantastic...Of course, my favorite section is high-power electronics."
--Steve, Xavien Electronics,

"I can't believe how much info is in this book.  It's a HUGE book, loaded with info and tons of photos."
--Rich Pitzeruse, L3CC,
New York.

"If only this book had existed when I was starting out in rocketry--it probably would have saved me hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours of learning!
--Craig Christenson, L3,

"The Second Edition of your book is the one I REALLY wish I had when I started high-power!"
--Terry McCreary, Tripoli Board of Directors,
Kentucky, on

"This book is a must for every HPR flyer."
--Rebel Rocketry,
the Netherlands.

"As an official Tripoli Level O, I really appreciated your book! It helped me immensely to know what questions to ask as I move forward and provided valuable lessons to avoid."
--Bill Strehl, Maryland

"As secretary of our club I often get asked by new members if there are any good books for HPR...I can now tell people who ask "Go buy a copy of Modern High-Power Rocketry 2.  It is exactly what you need."
--Mike Roberts, UK

"I'll be doing my L1 and L2 certs in the next few months and your book helped answer many of my questions."
--Barry Mattingly, California

"The book is fantastic!  Full of detailed information and great photos.  This is a "Must Have" for any serious high-power rocketeer."
--Roger Noss, L2, Florida

"I would like to tell you what an outstanding rocketry reference you have produced! Your first edition is THE go to guide for high-power rocketry..."
--Andrew Horton, L2, Montana

"I am more than halfway through your book, and I must say, it is great and really opened my eyes...I have learned a lot."
--Bruce Harris, Maryland

"Once again, thank you for an amazing book!  I should probably go ahead and buy a second copy as I know this copy will get worn out very quickly."
--David Culp, Science Teacher, Carrollton, Texas

Newsletters of various launches
Modern High-Power Rocketry 2 is reviewed in issue 48 (Sept 2005) of Extreme Rocketry magazine.  To obtain a copy of the magazine, click on the above cover (cover photo from Whitakers, North Carolina by Mark Canepa).
2005 Freedom Launch Photos/Orangeburg
Pick up a copy of  Extreme Rocketry magazine, issue 50, for Mark's coverage of Tripoli's Experimental Launch at the Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada in September 2005. (cover photo by Rick Clapp).
Click here to see the Carolina Nike fly at the Freedom Launch in 2005.
       Video by Tom Binford
Also available on
There's a new high-power rocketry magazine in town: Rockets.  The first issue was published in early March, 2006.  Click on the magazine cover to go directly to the Rockets website for a free excerpt of the magazine and order/subscription information.
Rockets Magazine
The April 2006 issue of Extreme Rocketry magazine features Mark's coverage of the 2006 Florida Winter Nationals near West Palm Beach, Florida. (cover photo by Mark Canepa).
Pick up a copy of the March/April 2006 issue of Sport Rocketry magazine for Mark's complete coverage of the 2005 Freedom Launch in Orangeburg, South Carolina.